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Plastic molding parts

Air-conditioner fans for residential and business use

Air-conditioner fans for residential and business use

Nisshinbo provides various plastic fans using reliable technology for revolving products.

Nisshinbo offers various fans for use in residential and business air-conditioners as well as an extensive range of household appliances such as refrigerators, air purifiers, bathroom heating equipment and exhaust fans, and water heaters.
We can assist at every stage of the process from fan development to manufacture.
We also offer specialty fans such as products with special heat-resistant (material) specifications.

Cross flow fans
Available in outside diameters of 30 to 120 mm and lengths of up to 1,000 mm.
Sirocco fans
Available in outside diameters of 30 to 400 mm.
Propeller fans
Available in outside diameters of 30 to 900 mm.
Turbo fans
Available in outside diameters of 30 to 500 mm.

Fans for automobile use

Fans for automobile use

Nisshinbo provides fan assemblies for car air-conditioners as well as radiator fans.

Our products are used in air-conditioner blower units for automobile use.
You can also find Nisshinbo’s technology for revolving products in sirocco fan assemblies and cross flow fan motor assemblies, where it helps create a more comfortable vehicle temperature environment.

Eco Cross

Eco Cross

Nisshinbo has developed Eco Cross to accommodate contemporary market needs. (Patent pending)

In addition to reduced resource consumption (decreased materials use), Eco Cross, which accommodates contemporary market needs by combining state-of-the-art molding technology with our proven technology for revolving products, makes possible long-blade fan designs thanks to its high rigidity against creeping.


1958 Established Nippon Kohbunshikan Co., Ltd., after being granted a patent on plastic spinning bobbins.
1970 Began manufacturing and selling cross flow fans, propeller fans, and sirocco fans after being granted a patent on cross flow fans.
1986 Changed company name to Nippon Kohbunshi Co., Ltd.
1989 Established Kohbunshi (Thailand) Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand (with capital of 100 million baht).
1993 Established Pudong Kohbunshi (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in Shanghai, China (with capital of US$7 million).
2002 Received ISO 9001:2000 certification (covering the design, development, and manufacture of plastic cross flow fan products and molds).
2003 Received ISO 14001 certification.
2010 Acquired by Nisshinbo Mechatronics Co., Ltd.; continues operations as the Plastics Department.
2015 Acquired Nanbu Plastics Co., Ltd..

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