Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmental policy for Nisshinbo Mechatronics

Basic Philosophy

We aim to achieve business growth and development with due regard for the global environment through “business activities in harmony with nature”.

Action Guidelines

(1) Reduced environmental impact

We actively promote the development, manufacture and sale of products that are useful for improving the environment and contribute to reducing the environmental impact as well as making efforts to save energy, reduce waste and prevent pollution.

(2) Legal compliance

We make every effort to ensure that all group companies comply with both Japanese and foreign laws and regulations and other applicable requirements agreed by the business site concerned.

(3) Continuous improvement

We set up our own environmental objectives and goals and do our best to achieve them, while continuously reviewing environmental policy and striving to improve our environmental performance.

(4) Promotion of environmental management

We conduct environmental educational programs, and all group company employees participate in environmental management.

Measures to Environmental Management

Each of the company's business sites and group companies has already revised international standards for environmental management systems to ISO 2015 version and has been keeping environmental activity through being inspected by internal/external audit.

Measures to Protect Biodiversity

Siebold's dragonfly

Siebold's dragonfly

The Nisshinbo Group takes measures to protect biodiversity. At the Miai Machinery Plant, we continue to act based on Dragonfly Biotope Project in Masuda Park, which is located on the plant grounds. At the pond of the park, our employees and their families eliminate American crayfish that is a foreign species, control the growth of invasive water lilies that have grown thick in the pond, and maintain observation paths.

Activities to Development of Habitats in Masuda Park

  • Elimination of American crayfish

  • Thinning out invasive water lilies

  • Maintain observation paths

  • Weed removal in Masuda Park

    Weed removal in Masuda Park