Nisshinbo Mechatronics Inc. is committed to performing its activities under the following corporate philosophy and basic management policy as a core company in the Nisshinbo Group.

Nisshinbo Group Corporate Philosophy

Change and Challenge ! For the creation of the future of Earth and People.


We provide our customers with eco-friendly products and services to create a safer and more secure society with integrity.

We create new value to inspire and satisfy our customers.

We improve upon our corporate value and meet the expectations of our shareholders.

We hold dear a corporate culture in which our employees can proudly work with vigor and boldly engage in new endeavors.

Basic Management Policy

1. Expansion of operations in growth areas and markets

  1. (1) We shall expand our Molding products business while developing peripheral businesses.
  2. (2) We aim to expand our business by Molding products, various kinds of customized machines, and Precision Parts for Automobiles best suited to our customers while maximizing our accumulated expertise.

2. System improvement to expand operations

We aim to build up a better business relationship with our customers in the global market.

3. Reinforcing our profitability

We relentlessly strive to increase profitability of our business while reducing costs.

4. Development and reinforcement of human resources

In order to make the most of our unique technology, we aim to recruit more staff, appoint the right person to the right job, and bolster their skills through training.

5. Support and reinforcement for group companies

We cooperate closely with our group companies both within and outside Japan, to ensure profitability and facilitate smooth business operations.