Message from the President

Masahiro Kawamura, President, Representative Director

As a member of an environmental
and energy company group,
we are contributing to
the development of
a sustainable society.

We began in 1943 with the manufacture of tail units for aircraft. In the more than 70 years since then, we have used our Molding products, customized machines, and Precision Parts for Automobiles development, manufacturing, and sales expertise to support customer manufacturing.

In the Molding products segment, our fan products, made using revolving part molding technologies, are used in air conditioners in many consumer appliances and automobiles. Through our group companies, we supply Molding products in a wide range of fields including automobiles, residential equipment, and healthcare. Continued market growth is expected, particularly in emerging nations, and we will develop our global business even further.

In the customized machine field, we supply optimal products and services to customers in a wide range of business sectors including automobiles, aircraft, and energy.

With regard to Precision Parts for Automobiles, we globally supply high-quality cut and processed parts that contributes to enhanced automobile safety control and environmental performance.

We use our extensive accumulated technologies, quality, and cost competitiveness to tackle the challenges of blue fields with a focus on Molding products, customized machines, and Precision Parts for Automobiles so that we can approach our customers and supply optimal products with passion and speed.

You can anticipate even more from Nisshinbo Mechatronics in the future.

Toshihiro Masuda
President, Representative Director
Nisshinbo Mechatronics Inc.