Development and
Technological Capabilities

We support product development by customers and increasing product added value

Original manufacturing supporting customer innovation—this is the value provided by Nisshinbo Mechatronics to customers.
The ability to turn customer product development and added value concepts into realities is essential for innovation. Until now, we have established advanced rotating part technologies and molding technologies in the molding products field through integrated production from die design to molding and assembly, primarily of fans. In the customized machines segment, we have enhanced our design capabilities by turning customer ideas into realities in various fields including aviation and automobiles, and with regard to Precision Parts for Automobiles, we have accumulated production control and production technologies through the mass production of products that meet advanced processing precision requirements. We of course continue to hone these technologies and strive to develop and acquire new technologies.
As a part of these efforts, we are developing fans of that make possible air-conditioning with gentle flows and quiet operation, contributing to the realization of high added value products by customers. From the perspective of open innovation, we conduct joint research with universities and public research institutions to continuously develop and acquire state-of-the-art technologies.
Tell us your development issues including the functions of new products you want to realize and the types of devices that you want. Nisshinbo Mechatronics is committed to remaining a presence that can provide the technologies and products that fulfill customer ideas.

Nisshinbo Mechatronics’s Product Development Structure

Nisshinbo Mechatronics’s Product Development StructureNisshinbo Mechatronics’s Product Development Structure

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